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Buying New Pendulum Floor Testing EquipmentBuy Pendulum Test Equipment to test floors and floor safety

The Pendulum Testing Equipment is UK manufactured to BS 7976 standards. Each Pendulum is hand built and serialised and subsequently calibrated to exacting British Standards by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

The Pendulum Test is the method approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for floor slip resistance testing; recognised in UK (and US) courts of law.

Price for the Pendulum Testing equipment is from £3950 + Del* + VAT

The price includes the initial BS 7976-3 calibration, a set of floor test sliders, a carry case, tool set and manual

Extras worth another £1000 !

Additional Sliders (55 or 96)                             £97 each

Pink calibrated testing sheets                           £5.00 each  + P&P

Pendulum Test Equipment Training                Only £699 when ordered with a new Floor Test Equipment

*Typical Delivery prices

                                                                           £125 in UK

                                                                           £225 to Europe (From UK)

                                                                           £399 to Rest of the World (From UK)

Pendulum Calibration

In accordance with BS 7976, calibration is required to be renewed annually.

- Initial calibration                                                FREE - included in the purchase price

- Subsequent annual calibrations,                          From £325 (+ P&P + Delivery)

Training to use the Pendulum Test equipment - from £799 or £699 when ordered with a new Pendulum Test Equipment

FloorSlip can arrange for a half day course in using the Pendulum at your premises

The course covers conducting Floor Pendulum Testing from pre-test calibration to a variety of scenarios the test equipment might be used in, plus care of the equipment

In our opinion the Pendulum Test Equipment training course is vital to ensure operators are using the test equipment correctly and the results arrived at can be trusted. Incorrectly used, the floor test equipment can give inaccurate results with legal impacts in the event of a Floor Slip Accident Injury Claim.

Advantages and Disadvantages of owning your own Floor Pendulum Test Equipment

If you have a large establishment with a dedicated Health and Safety department and many floor surfaces (Non Carpeted) then there might be a cost effective case to purchase your own Pendulum Test Equipment.

Please bear in mind though the costs of: -

- Training each operator in the use and care of the test equipment (And consider staff turnover rates)

- The sliders will wear and have to be replaced typically annually

- The calibration MUST be conducted annually. Do not ignore annual legislative calibration. Test houses and UKSRG tests have shown Pendulum Test Equipment moves away from calibration quite quickly

- It is recommended a Surface Roughness Test is also conducted at the same time as the Pendulum Test and the Floor Surface Test Equipment costs around an additional £1500 (also available to purchase through FloorSlip)

FloorSlip can test your floors with a consistency of expertise and will assess floor slip risks with the advantages of doing so on a regular basis - we might just prove to be the the better quality and cost effective solution

Terms and Conditions

Prices are correct as per date of website publish but may be adjusted without notice.

Please contact for up to date information and prices


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