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Pendulum Floor Slip Testing of Floor Samples

It is highly suggested to have Floor Samples Tested Before Specifying or laying and save money, time, reputation and the ‘high risk of slip injury claims’

See our Prices on Floor Sample Tests or Contact us to get floor sample tests conducted; it easy, send a sample and we will test at our premises and send the report by email - 24-48 hrs turnaround if required (Please specify when ordering)

Our experience has taught us the following:-

Some suppliers and particularly those from outside the UK are making inflated claims in websites and on packaging about the ability of the Floor to resist slips which are incorrect.

They use terms like: -

“suitable for light commercial and office applications”

“Ideal in all circumstances”

“Able to resist slips”

…all of which are ‘hype’ put together by the advertising people (even large respected DIY suppliers do this!!)

What they should say are things like: -

“The Floor Slip ‘R RATING’ is ….xxxx” - read more about Floor R Ratings

“The ‘Pendulum or Slip Test Value’ (PTV or SRV) Rating is…..xxxxx’’ - read more about Pendulum Test Values

“The low slip potential WET floor slip resistance rating is at least 36 PTV” read more about the 36 PTV value

Look for the above details on the packaging or website - IF IT DOES NOT SAY IT THEN DO NOT BUY UNTIL YOU HAVE HAD A FLOOR SAMPLE TEST (at reasonable Prices) or YOU WILL BE LIABLE FOR FLOOR SLIP INJURY CLAIMS

Other items to consider when specifying floors

1. Consider having an On site Floor Pendulum Test conducted when the first floor area is being laid (even if a sample test has been carried out beforehand) it is our experience that samples sent for testing and subsequently specified aren’t always the same specification of flooring that is finally delivered to site, particularly if a large period of time has elapsed since sample testing

2. Some architects are still specifying for aesthetics without considering or aware there is a minimum legal Slip Resistance Value (SRV) aka Pendulum Test Value of 36 PTV to be aimed for (particularly when wet as 90% of all slip injury accident claims occur on Wet or Contaminated floors). Unfortunately - architects are also sometimes often under pressure to provide non-safe solution by clients.

3. Architects and those specifying floors believe that the DIN Standard R9 and R10 floor ratings are sufficient to meet UK legal requirements for non-slip floors in normal pedestrian environments - THEY ARE NOT and only give a max rating of 34.

We will always suggest a Minimum floor Rating of R12 for Pedestrian Environments on a Horizontal Floor (Starts at SRV of 51) or R11 provided it’s minimum wet floor rating is a minimum of 36 and ideally 38-39 to allow for wear over time.

We also suggest a minimum of Floor’ C’ Rating for Wet Floor Environments such as swimming pools and showers etc (Starts at SRV or PTV of 45) or Floor ‘B’ Rating provided it’s minimum wet floor rating is a minimum of 36 and ideally 38-39PTV to allow for wear over time

Remember to increase the floor slip rating if the floor slopes - for example, a 4 degree floor slope needs a minimum Pendulum Test Value of 36 PTV + 4 x 1.75 PTV = 43 PTV

About the Floor Sample Pendulum Tests

The Pendulum Test  is an HSE Approved floor test, which imitates the action of the heel slipping on a  flooring surface. This floor test has been used for several decades and is still recognised as the most accurate method for floor slip resistance testing and is recognised in a court of law in the event of slip injury claims

We will also carry out Floor Surface Roughness Tests which are useful an an indicator of floor wear over time using the Surtonic Duo and you will be able to pass figures on to your clients - But the results can not and should not be used to assess true slip resistance

Ordering Floor Samples Tests

Simply Contact FlooSlip and we will advise where to send the floor samples for testing or, where practical we will collect the  samples from you. The Pendulum Testing is non destructive and we can test a sample as small as 6” square (150 mm square) - for example - a tile.

If required, we can return the samples (P&P applicable)

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Floor Sample Test Prices - See our page on Floor Sample Testing Prices

The HSE inform that 36 PTV is a ‘Low Slip Potential’ but do not make it clear that 36 PTV (On a horizontal surface*) IS THE MINIMUM THAT IS REQUIRED TO PREVENT PROSECUTION IN SLIP INJURY CLAIMS

*Add 1.75 PTV for every degree of floor slope

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