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Comments from Our Customers … “FloorSlip is a great source for Floor Safety expertise and Floor Pendulum Testing” … “The CPR35/COPFS Expert Witness reports for Slip Injury Lawyers are clear, unequivocal, affordable and assist in winning Slip Injury Claims

Floor Pendulum Testing for Floor Safety and Proving Slip Injury Claims

FloorSlip carry out the following Floor Test Services

Floor Pendulum Testing for Businesses

Prevent floor slips so you can meet your legal duty of care on floor safety. The Pendulum Floor Test Equipment is the ONLY method recognised by the UK Health and Safety Executive as suitable to provide repeatable and consistent measurement of a floors ability to resist slips; and the only test recognised in the UK courts of law in CPR35 and COPFS slip injury claims. By using the Pendulum Test Equipment you can be assured that the results you see will be acceptable in the event of a claim provided of course your floors meet the the minimum of 36 PTV (Pendulum Test Value)

Expert Witness Services for Slip Injury Lawyers

Do you have clients who have slipped and injured themselves where businesses have failed to Pendulum Test and maintain floor safety? Then call FloorSlip, we specialise in CPR / COPFS Expert Witness Services across the UK, Scotland and Ireland

Floor Sample Testing for Architects, Flooring Manufacturers and Persons Specifying Floors

FloorSlip can conduct off-site floor sample testing to ascertain the the TRUE Slip Resistance value before floors are specified (Our experience has taught us technical leaflets specifying slip resistance values aren’t always accurate!).  

Sales of Floor Pendulum Test Equipment

FloorSlip can supply British Standards UK manufactured and calibrated Floor Pendulum Test Equipment at affordable prices (often cheaper than the UK suppliers themselves). Manufactured by one of the leading UK manufacturers of floor testing equipment to BS-7976-1 and calibrated to BS7976-3, the Pendulum Test Equipment is the same that as used and recognised by the UK HSE/HSL for floor pendulum tests, floor sample tests and in slip injury claims to ascertain the the TRUE Slip Resistance value of a floor or the ‘PTV’ as it is mainly referred to (The Pendulum Test Value).

Instruction in the use of Floor Pendulum Test Equipment

FloorSlip can provide, AT YOUR OWN PREMISES, full instruction in how to use the Munro Stanley or Wessex type Floor Pendulum Testing Equipment. The course takes approximately 4-5 hours and the pendulum course price includes up to 4 candidates with a discount on the course if you buy a pendulum test equipment through FloorSlip. We show you how to use the pendulum, the results expected, what the results mean and everyone gets to use the pendulum floor testing equipment (including surface roughness tests equipment). You can also use it on your own floors - saving money on the costs of the test

Why conduct Floor Pendulum Testing?

The Pendulum Test is used for floor testing to determine the slip properties of pedestrian floors; or can be used to conduct a skid test for roads; and is often used to prove slip accident injury claims...

...the floor test is required to ensure you meet the legal required UK standards for floor safety and should be included in your floor risk management plan.

... the skid test determines road surface friction; the pendulum was adapted by the Transport Road Laboratory (TRL) for this purpose and uses a different consistency of rubber on the ‘slipper’ or ‘foot’ to imitate vehicle tyres

Floor testing is often just referred to as ‘Pendulum Testing’. It is the only recognised method in a court of law and as approved by the Health and Safety Executive.

There are many other methods of testing floors but over time and through proving by the Health and Safety Laboratories in the UK, Pendulum Testing has proven the most effective and reliable at slip testing of floors – particularly wet floors, which the HSE has reported are probably responsible for the highest majority of floor slip accidents.

Both the government and the HSE have reported that floor slips are responsible for the highest number of accident claims.

How Long does Pendulum Floor Testing Take?

We expect to take a minimum of 1-2 hours – for further detail see Conducting the Pendulum Test

Will Pendulum Testing disrupt my business?

Not if we can help it, we will try to arrange to do the tests in periods out of hours or weekends or in quieter time; even during the night if required – we are flexible

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The Pendulum Floor Testing Equipment

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