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Comments from Our Customers … “FloorSlip is a great source for Floor Safety expertise and Floor Pendulum Testing” … “The CPR35/COPFS Expert Witness reports for Slip Injury Lawyers are clear, unequivocal, affordable and assist in winning Slip Injury Claims

Floor Slip Injury Accident Claims

As well as providing Floor Pendulum Testing for businesses to ensure floor safety,

FloorSlip also specialise in providing Expert Witness services in floor slip accident injury claims. We have been instrumental in providing CPR 35 compliant (England) and COPFS compliant (Scotland) slip and trip incident injury reports for claimants and defendants since 2011.

View a portfolio of slip injury lawyers we have conducted work for.

Have you slipped on a floor and incurred an injury? Or are you a lawyer with a slip injury claim?

If the answer is YES and you are looking for an affordable service to Pendulum test the floors and provide a competent assessment then FloorSlip are, in our opinion, ideal candidates. In the past decade we have prepared hundreds of comprehensive and easy to understand Expert Witness Reports. All our CPR35/COPFS reports are designed for claimant, defendant, lawyers, judges and jury to easily come to terms with the events and all reports are suitably illustrated with images and diagrams for ease of understanding.

Have you had a slip injury claim made against you or your firm?

If you can prove that you have had a Floor Pendulum Test on your floors and it passed the pendulum floor slip test and the floor was properly cleaned, maintained and managed at that time, then there is a high probability of winning any floor slip accident injury claim against you.

Also, if you recently had a floor Pendulum Test and failed the test but you can genuinely show you are making every effort to correct for the issues you will also be thought of more kindly; that doesn’t mean to say you will win a claim but you will be less likely to be criminally prosecuted; see Health and Safety Offences Act 2008

IMPORTANT If you’ve had a slip or are subject to a claim and don’t know what to do next then please call FloorSlip and we can advise a course of action. But please don’t hesitate especially if you believe your floors ARE safe but someone has just slipped then an immediate Floor Pendulum Test is required to support your beliefs

Remember - Fraudulent Slip Claims are common place;

don’t be a victim, it could ruin your business

Note well - Please don’t think because a person was wearing inappropriate footwear, or inebriated or even under the influence of drugs (prescriptive or otherwise) that you are in the right – you are probably NOT if your floors are unsafe. Your floors must be safe for employees, customers and persons in your care (example – schoolchildren or patients) at ALL times.

Slip Injury Claims in the UK costs employers million of pounds per day in claims and time off sick

Floor Slip fraud claims are common and big business in some areas; by having a Pendulum Test conducted at affordable prices showing your floor is safe then persons who might try a fraudulent claim will not have ‘a leg to stand on’

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RIDDOR – Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations

The HSE informs employers and the self-employed and people in control of work premises (the Responsible Person) to report serious workplace accidents and injuries, occupational diseases and specified dangerous occurrences (near misses) and includes floor slip injuries - which account for the highest cause of workplace injuries

See more data on RIDDORS at the following HSE website-

Reporting of Injuries and Slip Injury Incidents (RIDDORS)

Employers and others with responsibilities under RIDDOR must keep a record of all injuries. If an employer has to keep a accident book, then this record should also be completed. Reporting a Floor Slip Injury (Or any RIDDOR Occurrence)

Law on Floors  and Health & Safety

Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare -

The Law on Health & Safety -

Flooring Safety

The Workplace Health & Safety Regulations 1992 -

Health & Safety (Offences) Act 2008 -

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